Economic Impact of S4C

Independent Research: S4C's Economic Value is double annual budget

£1 of funding for S4C means nearly £2 for the Welsh Economy

S4C has revealed that an economic study has shown that for every pound that the channel invests in content, it produces almost two pounds of added value to the Welsh economy.

According to Arad, the company that carried out the research, every £1 of expenditure by S4C in the creative industries creates an economic impact of £1.95 in those industries in Wales.

The research has been commissioned by S4C as part of the process of measuring the success and effectiveness of the channel.

Independent Research: S4C's Economic Value is double annual budget

S4C's effect on the Welsh economy is worth almost £90 million this year

This is one of the conclusions in an economic impact report published by the Channel. The research by DTZ and the Wales Economic Research Unit at Cardiff University was commissioned by the S4C Authority in 2010. A similar assessment was undertaken in 2007.

The report also notes that S4C is vitally important to independent television production in Wales with the Channel being responsible for sustaining over 2,100 jobs in the independent sector and other fields.

In terms of training over the last two years S4C and the independent production companies have invested almost £900,000 in training schemes in partnership with Skillset and the Welsh Assembly Government.

According to John Walter Jones, Chairman of the S4C Authority, "The report by DTZ shows clearly the economic contribution S4C makes at all levels in Wales, promoting investment in new technology and training, stimulating enterprise and helping to secure economic stability in communities throughout Wales."

Economic Impact of S4C Report 2007-2010 November 2010

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