Introducing S4C

Commercial Activities

Advertising Sales

S4C is the only television channel dedicated to serving Wales and as such, has grown to be a significant advertising medium for targeting the Welsh population, offering value and impact to advertisers.

A number of major international companies as well as successful Welsh-based companies advertise on S4C. Many clients have found that their campaigns have been further enhanced when the Welsh language has been used to sell their particular goods or services.

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Broadcast Sponsorship Sales

Research consistently shows that viewers perceive broadcast sponsorship as different from conventional advertising. By sponsoring high-quality programming on S4C, many major companies have significantly raised their profile with S4C viewers.

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Programme Sales

Since 1982, S4C has had success in selling its programmes - mainly animation and documentaries - to broadcasters across the world. S4C animation SuperTed was the first ever British animation series to be broadcast by Disney in the USA, while titles such as Sali Mali, Chwedlau'r Byd wedi'u Hanimeiddio (The Animated Tales of the World) and Holi Hana (Hana's Helpline) have been sold to countries as far afield as Israel, Sweden and Hong Kong.

While S4C continues to distribute certain programmes from its back catalogue, since the Review of Terms of Trade 2005/2006, independent production companies have held the rights to sell their own programmes worldwide.


S4C has a first-class reputation for working with major broadcasters - such as Discovery, A & E, France 5, ZDF and New York Times Television - on a wide variety of prestigious co-productions. The main fields of collaboration have been documentaries and animation.

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