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Audit and Other Matters Committee

This Committee is responsible for overseeing the work of internal and external auditing of S4C and monitoring risk management within S4C.

It is also responsible for scrutinising financial statements before they are presented to the Board. The Committee is also responsible for matters relating to value for money.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Supervision of S4C personnel systems, which includes salaries, other working terms and conditions of staff S4C
  • Consideration of staff training and development needs
  • Standards of conduct and discipline
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Monitor the effective and efficient functioning of the relevant systems within S4C

Committee Members

  • Hugh Hesketh Evans (Chair)
  • Anita George
  • Rhodri Williams
  • Guto Bebb
    S4C Staff
    • Owen Evans
    • Sharon Winogorski
    • Elin Morris
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