Access Services

Helpful information about our access services

  • English Subtitles

    English Subtitles

    The subtitles are suitable for non-Welsh speakers, mixed language homes and to those who are d/Deaf.

  • Welsh Subtitles

    Welsh Subtitles

    The Welsh language subtitling service is aimed at Welsh learners as well as Welsh speaking people who are d/Deaf, learners and those who lack confidence in speaking Welsh, to enjoy the programmes on S4C.

  • Signing


    Some programmes on S4C are shown with a British Sign Language interpreter at the side of the screen. Watch our BSL signed content on S4C Clic.

  • Audio Description

    Audio Description

    An audio description service is provided for the blind and partially blind through the medium of Welsh. This service contains additional descriptions to enhance the viewers' enjoyment.

  • How to watch S4C

    How to watch S4C

    What TV channel is S4C available on? Is S4C available online? Which devices can I use to watch S4C? All the answers on one page.

  • Signed content

    Signed content

    Available on S4C Clic

    You can watch our BSL signed content on S4C Clic.

  • S4C BSL Newsletter

    S4C BSL Newsletter

    Reflecting Wales in all its Diversity: Everyone's S4C

    We are always looking to improve the accessibility of our services. Following feedback from the British Sign Language Community (BSL) we have modified the location of the BSL link on our S4C Click platform to make it more visible. Coinciding with Deafness Awareness Week, we launched our monthly BSL Newsletter, with an option to receive the information via BSL Interpreter video.

    If you want to receive the newsletter, click the button below.

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