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Crystalyx feed blocks provide a high energy form of supplementation to the main forage diets of sheep, beef and dairy livestock. Extensively researched at some of the finest agri-institutes in the world Crystalyx feed blocks are proven to give livestock farmers a significant return on investment. Manufactured using a patented process Crystalyx feed blocks are low in moisture and extremely consistent.

The overall objective of this project was to promote the Crystalyx brand and increase sales volume.


As we have a unique product with unique product benefits, we didn't think that TV advertising would have been something that would work.

However on speaking to the sales representative from S4C's advertising sales team we found that their knowledge of both the agricultural industries in Wales and the agricultural programmes on S4C to match these types of industries was second to none.

We were impressed by the information provided to us by the sales team - the way the agricultural programmes are able to reach a specific audience. And having not advertised before we were able to take advantage of the advertising package for new advertisers. We had view of the advertising schedule and the whole process, from booking the advertising spots, to the advert production were straightforward.


We noticed spikes of activity on our website when the S4C TV advertising campaign was running alongside amplifying the brand within the land based industry in Wales and further afield. This wouldn't have been possible had we not considered and then advertised on the channel. It will form part of our marketing mix in the future as it is a very direct way of advertising our products to a very specific audience. We are very pleased with the end result.

Graeme Warnock

Marketing Manager

Caltech Crystalyx/Scotmin Nutrition

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