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How to make 5 of our simple easy cocktails

Whether you love a good ol' porn star martini or you're all about gin o'clock, this is your sign that you're in the right place. We're going to talk you through making five of our simple cocktails that are sure to quench your thirst and impress any guests that you have dining over or having drinks in the kitchen. Stick with us because we've got a few options and there won't be an overwhelming amount of steps and ingredients.

We'll actually start off with the easiest, but you might need to nip to the shop for these ingredients though.

1. Gin and grapefruit cocktail

All you need for this one is a bottle of gin, some grapefruit juice, ice and if you're feeling fancy you can slice a grapefruit to dress it all up nicely for your guests. Simply mix 1 part gin and 4 parts grapefruit juice and pour over ice. That's your first cocktail sorted!

2. Raspberry beer cocktail

Our second alcoholic beverage that you can make in the kitchen is a little different. But tastes incredible and will go down a treat so do not worry. You'll need a handful of raspberries, some good quality beer, 25ml of vodka, and another 25ml of raspberry cordial. You could even replace the raspberry cordial with blackcurrant squash if that's more you.

3. Raspberry gin mojito

Carrying on with the raspberry theme for our third cocktail, this time a mojito. You'll need a tall glass, raspberry gin liqueur, mint leaves, sugar syrup, pink prosecco, lime, and ice. Perfect for prosecco and gin lovers - we know there's a lot of you out there. You'll love these and so will any house guests.

4. Pineapple and gin cocktail

This sweet drink is fresh, fruity, and a great ice breaker. Shake the gin of choice, apricot syrup and pineapple juice, pour over some ice, and add the blood orange slice to garnish. Your friends will love it and you can make it in your kitchen so need to go for 2-for-10 every Friday night.

5. ‘Drink me’ cocktail

Don't drink alcohol? We would never want to leave you out of the party. Here's our sweet and simple 'Drink me cocktail'. With only 3 ingredients, it's so simple and goes perfectly with carrot cake. Mix in cream soda, with cherry juice and pineapple juice and that's your drink!

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