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  • Nerys Howell

    Nerys Howell

    calendar Friday, 10 December 2021

  • Orange spice tiramisu


    • 500g good quality ready made custard
    • 250g tub mascarpone cheese
    • 2 large oranges
    • 200g sponge fingers (24 in total)
    • 100ml amaretto, merlyn or coffee liqueur
    • 200ml ready made coffee
    • 300ml double cream
    • 1 tbsp cocoa powder
    • ½ tsp mixed spice
    • dried orange slices to decorate


    1. In a bowl whisk the mascarpone and custard until smooth.
    2. Zest one orange and set aside then cut the skin and white pith off both oranges and slice into rounds. Use these to line the sides of a trifle type dish.
    3. Lay the sponge fingers in a shallow dish. Mix the coffee with the liqueur in a jug then pour over the sponge fingers and leave to soak for 5 minutes turning once with a spoon.
    4. Use half of the fingers to line the trifle dish and top with half of the custard mixture then lay the remaining fingers on top of the cream and finish with a layer of custard.
    5. Whip the cream until soft peaks and spoon over the custard mixture.
    6. Mix the cocoa and mixed spice together and sift over the cream. Decorate with dried orange slices or grated chocolate.

    Recipe by Nerys Howell, originally featured on Prynhawn Da.

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