• Our World

    Our World

    If you have any concerns about the environment or are uncertain about anything to do with the environment, click here.

  • Life challenges

    Life challenges

    Are you going through a difficult time? Or are you worried about a friend who's facing a difficult time, click here.

  • School Work Pressure

    School Work Pressure

    Are you worried about a school, exams, homework or worried about being in a specific set? Click here.

  • Politics and Me

    Politics and Me

    Have you got any question about politics? Do you want to know how to contact your local member of parliament? Click here.

  • Sexuality and Feelings

    Sexuality and Feelings

    Are you worried about your sexuality or worried about a friend who is being bullied because of their sexuality? Click here.

  • Religion


    If you have any concerns about religion or worried about someone who is being bullied because of their religion, click here.

  • ​Stereotypes


    Are you worried about being judged or have you seen a friend being judged by others? Click here.

  • Technology


    Are you worried about online security or want to know how to ensure your safety on social media? Click here.

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    If you're worried about anything to do with social media, from bullying on the web to fake accounts click here.

  • My Body

    My Body

    If you have any concerns about your body or are entering puberty and are worried about changes to your body, click here.

  • Family


    Are you worried about your parents getting divorced or worried about your relationship with another family member, if you need advice on anything that's family related, click here.

  • Well Being

    Well Being

    Are you concerned about your well-being,are you feeling anxious, depressed or stressed and are unsure about what to do next? Click here for useful advice.

  • Relationships


    Are you in a relationship, or worried about having your first kiss and feel under pressure? Click here to get advice.

  • Self Image

    Self Image

    Are you constantly worried about your self-image, finding it difficult to concentrate on other things, click here.

  • Health


    Do you have any concerns about your health or health in general, click here.

  • Life Challenges

    Life Challenges

    Life can be difficult and challenging, if you have lost someone dear to you or are coping with a condition of any kind and finding it difficult to cope with things from day to day, click here.

  • Childline


    You can contact Childline any time, to talk about anything that might be bothering you - it's completely confidential. In this link you'll find information about how to stay safe online.

  • Children’s Commissioner for Wales

    Children’s Commissioner for Wales

    The Children's Commissioner for Wales offers help to Children, for them to know their rights. They also offer support and advice if you're worried about anything. Through this link, you'll find a part of the website that offers advice on how to stay safe online.

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