Bwyd Epic Chris


If you're not a fan of sprouts, give this recipe a go! You're guaranteed to love it.

Chop the bottoms off the sprouts and remove the skin before cutting them in half.

To go with the sprouts I'm going to make a really cool butter with garlic and anchovies.

I'm placing the sprouts cut side down in a pan on medium heat.

Leave them to develop a crust for 3-4 minutes. OK - we have to have some booze! Extra dry Vermouth works really well with this side.

Leave that to reduce and cook a bit of the booze off.

Next, add the anchovy butter on top to melt all over the sprouts.

Parsley goes really well with this - chop some up and add to the pan with some black pepper.

And there you have it - perfectly turbo charged sprouts in 10 minutes!

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