Bwyd Epic Chris

Scrumpets time!

Place the meat in a roasting tin before making a simple marinade to go with it using garlic, oil, pepper, sea salt, dulse and wakame.

Cover the whole lot with Welsh beer!

Tuck the shoulders under some baking paper and wrap the lot in foil. Place in the oven for 3 hours on 170C.

When the shoulder blades come out smoothly, you know you've nailed it!

Let the meat cool down and line some baking tins with paper.

This is the most tender meat I've ever seen. I'm separating it and placing it in the tins with the seaweed. Top it up with the liquid from the roasting tin - that's the beer and fat that's rendered and fused with the salty seaweed.

Cover them in baking paper and press them down with another baking tin and a couple of cans before placing in the fridge over night.

I'm using flour, eggs and panko breadcrumbs mixed with oats to cover the slices of meat before frying them on medium heat.

Once they're in the frying pan, let them develop a crust on each side (about 1 minute)

Once they've had a minute on each side they're ready.

To go with them, I've made a sweet and spicy curry sauce with apricots, apples and coconut milk before blitzing it until it's creamy just like a next level chip shop curry sauce!

Goat meat and seaweed - the most next level 'fish finger' I've ever had!

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