Bwyd Epic Chris

Cebab Cig Dafad

To make the marinade, toast caraway seeds, fennel, coriander seeds, cumin seeds and bird's eye chillies until they're popping like popcorn!

Next, grind bay leaves with a pestle & mortar with some salt and spices before adding olive oil.

Then, massage the marinade into the meat. While that rests,I'm going to sort the flatbread out!

I've already made the dough with water, flour, salt and yeast. Shape and flatten the dough before placing it on the fire. Once it starts to bubble, it's ready to flip over.

Now it's time to prep the kebab. You can't have a kebab without cool sides, so I'm charring some peppers and chillies before chopping them up with olive oil and mint.

Pickle some chillies with white wine vinegar and sugar, and then some shallots with olive oil, red wine vinegar and salt.

For that crunch, I'm going to thinly slice red cabbage before I put the meat on the fire. To keep the meat juicy, I'm basting it with a rosemary brush covered in butter and some of the leftover marinade. When the meat is ready, serve everything on a plate and tuck in!

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