Nia Davies Williams' Garden

Sioned helps transform a small garden in Caernarfon by using a simple and modern plan.

Clematis ‘Fascination’

Clematis 'Fascination'

The Clematis integrifolia Fascination is a small nodding type clematis in purple with a white edge.

The clematis can also be planted in a container and attracts butterflies and bees.

Clematis ‘Rhapsody’

Clematis 'Rhapsody'

Clematis Rhapsody has a nice strong purple colouring, flowers all summer with good sized blooms. Clematis Rhapsody grows to a good height of around 8-10 feet.

Agapanthus ‘Brilliant Blue’

Agapanthus 'Brilliant Blue'

As the name suggests, the trumpet-shaped flowers of this beautiful African lily are a dazzling blue. A rich sky blue, there is a deeper stripe running through each petal, creating an almost bicoloured effect. The strap-shaped foliage does die back in winter, but like most deciduous Agapanthus, that means it is just that bit hardier than the evergreens.

It is a relatively compact herbaceous perennial, growing to about 50cm tall, with clumps of strap-shaped green leaves.

Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’

Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant'

A vigorous catmint with small, tubular, lavender-blue flowers held in clusters of upright stems from June to July and attractive, aromatic, light grey-green foliage. This tall perennial will form a dense mound that looks wonderful in the middle of a sunny border alongside other blue or silver-leaved plants. Fresh or dried, the leaves make a refreshing and therapeutic tea which is high in vitamin C and has traditionally been used to treat such conditions as nervousness, insomnia, hyperactivity, colds and fevers. The flowers are highly attractive to bees, and of course, the foliage to cats, who will go mad for it. To prevent them from completely flattening it, insert several twiggy sticks into the centre of the plant.


Dianthus 'Mojito'

Bred by British breeder Whetman in 2015. This plant has a scented, white single flower with a lovely lime green eye. Flowering height 35cm / 12".

Dianthus love to be planted in free draining alkaline soils in a nice sunny spot.

Carex ‘Comans Frosted Curls’

Carex 'Comans Frosted Curls'

'Frosted Curls' is an evergreen perennial creating a mop-head of very slender, shimmering, silvery-green leaves. The flowers are insignificant

Papaver ‘Moondance’

Papaver 'Moondance'

'Moondance' is a short-lived, compact plant, growing to 30cm tall, with dense rosettes of evergreen, finely-cut, hairy leaves. From midsummer to autumn, lemon-yellow, upward-facing, cupped flowers are formed on short stems above the foliage.



Marjoram (Origanum majorana) is an easy to grow herb well suited for growing in containers as well as the garden. There are generally three varieties that are commonly grown: sweet marjoram, pot marjoram, and wild marjoram (also known as common oregano). All types of marjoram are popular for use in the kitchen as seasoning for numerous dishes. They're also grown for their enticing fragrance.

‘Prostratus’ Rosemary

'Prostratus' Rosemary

A low-growing, spreading form of common rosemary, this sends out upright spikes of purple-blue flowers from mid-spring to early summer, among narrow, aromatic, dark green leaves. It's useful as an edging plant for a sunny herb garden or mixed border.

While winter frosts may kill off some of the shoots the plant should regenerate from the base.

The young leaves are great for flavouring roasted vegetables, lamb and pork.



The Campanula Ambella is an outdoor perennial but will also grow very well indoors. It is compact and bell-shaped and flowers from the centre, outwards. The flowers are truly exquisite! They are bell-shaped and, with their long necks, really do resemble little bells. Hence the name, Ambella. They are available in purple, blue and off-white.

Olea Europaea

Olea Europaea

Olives (Olea europaea) are evergreen trees that will add a Mediterranean touch to the garden. They are suited to garden or container cultivation, and may produce fruit in mild regions and warm summers in the UK.

If you have a protected city garden or live in a mild area, olives can be grown outdoors as long as you give them a sunny position and plant them in well-drained soil - for example, against a warm wall would be ideal. In cold or northern regions, winter protection in a conservatory, for example, will be required.

Once established they are extremely drought-tolerant, but plants will do better if watered regularly in dry spells during the growing season. To encourage strong growth, it's a good idea to feed each spring with a general fertilizer.

Olives naturally shed their older leaves in spring (April in the UK) as new growth begins.



Achillea can be mat-forming or upright perennials, mostly herbaceous, with sometimes aromatic, pinnately divided or simple and toothed leaves and flattened clusters of small, daisy-like flower-head.

This herbaceous perennial grows to 60cm in height.

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