S4C to film political drama at Wales’ Senedd building

10 July 2015

S4C to film political drama at Wales’ Senedd building

S4C cameras are set to start filming scenes of a new political drama in Wales’ Senedd, the Welsh Assembly Government next week.

Production company Tarian will move in to film scenes for the new series Byw Celwydd (translation Living a Lie).

The eight-part series is set to be broadcast in January 2016 in S4C’s cherished Sunday at nine slot.

This fictional political drama imagines a Wales Assembly Government run by a rainbow coalition of parties called The Democrats, The Nationalists, and New Conservative minister; while the Socialists are in opposition. The coalition is led by a New Conservative Prime Minister, Meirion Llewelyn, played by Richard Elfyn.

With the centre left party in opposition for the first time, the political rivalry is as pronounced and bitter as ever before. This is S4C's first fictional political drama series for some years.

Created by the successful team behind hit S4C drama series Teulu and the powerful film Ryan a Ronnie, it is the brainchild of producer Branwen Cennard and celebrated playwright Meic Povey.

The production company Tarian, based in Treorchy, Rhondda, has brought in writer Sian Naomi to script, along with Meic Povey and an impressive production team led by Eryl Huw Phillips.

It boasts a stellar cast including Broadchurch and 35 Diwrnod star Mathew Gravelle, Cath Ayres who starred in S4C drama Tir, Sara Lloyd Gregory and Mark Lewis Jones.

Byw Celwydd is weaved around gripping, topical storylines as well as ruthless and captivating characters.

The Senedd has welcomed the Byw Celwydd cast to film in many areas of the building. The political drama is filmed on location in many areas in and around Cardiff, including Butetown, Dinas Powys, and Penarth.

Byw Celwydd follows journalist Angharad Wynne, played by Cath Ayres, as she tries to uncover political scandals and secrets within the Welsh Senedd.

Byw Celwydd producer and creator Branwen Cennard said: "Both the cast and crew of Byw Celwydd are looking forward to filming scenes in the iconic Assembly building. And as the producer of Byw Celwydd I'm extremely grateful to the Assembly Commission as well as to the leaders of the 4 main parties in Wales for their co-operation and support."

S4C's Director of Content and Transmission Dafydd Rhys said: "With recent dramatic political events, such as the Scottish independence referendum and the General Election capturing the imagination of people in Wales, it's timely that S4C is broadcast a political drama series on the channel. It's a great time to raise Welsh political topics in the run up to the Welsh Assembly Elections next year."

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