S4C launches online series PUMP

07 April 2016

S4C has launched a series of online content, PUMP (FIVE). A collection of various items will be released each month on the YouTube channel PUMP and will also be shared on social media platforms.

The purpose of the online content is to connect with young people aged between 16-35 years old, an age group less likely to use traditional platforms like linear TV according to research.

The items include comedy sketches, travelling series and film and television reviews.

One strand features The Guardian journalist Elena Cresci taking us through her picks of the month. 5 Elena presents us with some of the most interesting and funny online content. Entertainer Huw Bryant from Llandysul gives us his unique insight into the Welsh media in Bocs Bry.

Using a 360 camera, 5 panel members will meet each month to discuss and debate various controversial topics. Vlogger Adam Gilder from Pontypridd creates a monthly list of some of the topics that have caught his eye and producer and vlogger Cai Morgan takes us on a journey of some of Europe’s most exciting cities.

Huw Marshall, S4C’s Head of Digital Development says, "The intention is to connect with younger audiences in Welsh, some who might not use traditional platforms to view content. This series is specifically for YouTube and we are looking forward to seeing what kind of reaction it gets."

PUMP has been commissioned for 3 months to begin.

Five facts about PUMP:

1. Each programme is five minutes.

2. There are five different types of programmes.

3. Elena Cresci has 6,944 Twitter followers but her vines have been viewed by 38.8k

4. Bry will give us his unique insight into the Welsh media each month.

5. PUMP uses a 360 camera so that you can watch what you want, when you want.


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