​Priodas Pum Mil search for couples for live summer special

Emma a Trystan

1 April 2021

News of the return of Priodas Pum Mil is bound to cause much excitement across the country.

But, if you can't wait until the Autumn for the fifth series of the TV show, which has the perfect blend of romance and entertainment, there is something very special in store to fill the gap.

Presenter Trystan Ellis-Morris said: "As Autumn feels so far away, Emma (Walford) and I have been given a special, one-off challenge for the summer.

"As usual, a lucky couple will get married and agree to hand everything over to the Priodas Pum Mil team and their friends and family.

"But this time, there are a couple of twists to make sure the day is truly unforgettable!

"The viewers will choose the winning couple, meaning all of Wales has an important part to play in the union. And, it will be broadcast live from one of Wales' most beautiful locations - on a beach."

"The date has been set (16 July), the money is in the kitty, and we're already busy making sure the day will be full of familiar faces.

"What could be better? And what can possibly go wrong?".

"The only thing missing is the couple."

So if you and your partner would love to get married in the great outdoors, with sand under your feet and the mesmerising sound of the sea in the background, apply now!

"Imagine a magical beach setting, beautifully decorated. Imagine one of Wales' most famous singers providing the soundtrack.

"There's even talk that an amazing chef is getting ready to light the barbecue," said Emma.

If you would like to get married without having to pay a penny, don't miss this golden opportunity to come forward.

And if it's not for you, don't worry - everyone's invited to the wedding.

In mid May, each of the three couples on the shortlist will film videos for Heno, explaining why they should get your vote.

Have your say on who you think deserves to win, by voting from the comfort of your home.

So, for a chance to win a once in a life time wedding, or to nominate a deserving couple, go to www.s4c.cymru/en/entertainment/priodas-pum-mil/ before 23 April.

Trystan a Emma
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