​Over 10 million viewing sessions to S4C's main social media accounts

30 April 2021

There has been a tremendous growth in S4C's social media over the last year with a 49.7% increase in viewing sessions.

Between April 2020 and March 2021 over 10 million viewing sessions were reported across S4C's main accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

In addition, over half a billion viewing sessions were reported across all of S4C's GIF's during the past five years.

On average S4C's GIF attracts around 700,000 viewing sessions each day.

The most popular GIF includes Huw Chiswell in the iconic Ibiza Ibiza film and the character of Plwmsan in the popular 80s children's programme, Anturiaethau Sir Wynff and Plwmsan.

The most popular content on S4C's accounts includes clips on Iaith ar Daith programs, Y Llinell Las, Cân i Gymru, Jonathan, numerous archive programmes and box sets and many other programmes and series.

Over the past year S4C has used social media platforms to engage with viewers, running a series of live Facebook sessions with Owen Evans, Chief Executive, Rhodri Williams, Chairman of the Unitary Board and members of the Commissioning Team.

These sessions provided an opportunity to update viewers on various aspects of S4C's work, and for the audience to ask questions about the channel's programmes and output.

The next Facebook Live session with the Chief Executive will be held at 6.00pm on 12 May 2021.

"I am very pleased that our content on S4C's social media accounts is a hit with our followers." said Owen Derbyshire, S4C's Director of Marketing and Digital.

"Social media is an important tool for us to promote and engage with our viewers as well as attract new audiences.

"As part of our digital strategy we aim to commission more exclusive content for our digital platforms which will give us the opportunity to attract new viewers to enjoy our content. "

During the past year S4C has broadcast the Welsh Government live Confrences via Facebook and election news, updates and results will also be available across social media platforms S4C, S4C News and Hansh Dim Sbin on May 7th.

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