Importance of the Welsh language to S4C

30 September 2021

There's no doubt that the past year has shown the value of public service broadcasters more than ever before.

As the only Welsh language television service, Welsh lies at the heart of S4C and is a key focus for all its output.

In publishing the Welsh Language Standards Annual Report for the financial year to 31 March 2021, S4C is proud of its responsibility towards the Welsh language and continues to support the language in every way possible, both as an employer and in providing a service for the public.

As it helps efforts to reach the target of a million Welsh speakers by the year 2050, S4C has, according to the service's Chief Executive Owen Evans, committed to support the use and development of Welsh as a living language internally, in the wider community and digitally.

"There is a place for S4C in our society, at a grass roots level and digitally. We continue to experiment and innovate with new ideas, and are constantly looking for the next thing to develop.

"S4C values are the same as ever – the Welsh language is at the root of everything we do."

"Over the last year, S4C has pioneered new platforms to include the Welsh language, specifically on digital platforms.

"S4C's on demand service S4C Clic reached 236,000 subscribers recently. Our commitment to education also continues to be a big priority for us.

"We are very proud of our collaboration with Welsh Government on the Hwb platform and our ability to create content that fits with the curriculum."

Owen Evans added: "S4C is approaching a very important birthday – 40 years! Since 1982, S4C has offered a platform for the Welsh language to be used and developed.

"Through our content, S4C offers opportunities to work in Welshall over the country.

"On screen Cyw has become a friend to young families all over Wales, and more recently, our digital service Hansh has stepped in to attract younger viewers to watch and enjoy Welsh content.

"But on top of this, S4C is here for everybody of all ages, and I can't wait to see what else is to come as S4C continues to support the language in every way possible."

The Welsh Language Standards Annual Report is available on the S4C website. https://www.s4c.cymru/en/about-us/page/44903/welsh-language-standards/

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