​Hansh puts the news in hands of Welsh youth

30 September 2021

Climate change, social justice, and the hot topics on social media – these will be some of the priorities of Hansh's new reporters this year.

As part of the journalism training scheme for Welsh journalists, which is now in its fourth year, ITV Cymru Wales and S4C are once again offering an opportunity to two prospective journalists to learn and develop key skills in the workplace.

Eyitemi Smith from Cardiff and Indigo Jones from Swansea have won places on the journalism training scheme this year.

The two will create digital content for the Hansh Dim Spin (Hansh No Spin) platforms and work in partnership with S4C's digital news service.

Indigo said: "I really want to use the platform to raise awareness of important issues that we perhaps haven't considered talking about openly in the media.

"I want to use my voice to represent the people around me. I hope to discuss subjects which are contemporary, things that we see every day whether they are political or cultural.

"I think it is important to talk about the things that affect people in our community, for example those who are BAME, LGBTQIA, people who are less fortunate or who find it difficult to get their voices heard."

Eyitemi added: "I recognise that giving young people the chance to enjoy watching and hearing the news through the medium of Welsh is essential in encouraging people to explore other aspects of Wales such as its culture or to interact through the medium of Welsh more generally.

"I think that discussing current affairs, the news and the things that are important to them through the medium of Welsh not only attracts their interest but will also encourage them to use the language more."

Phil Henfrey, ITV Cymru Wales's Head of News and Programmes said: "ITV Cymru Wales plays a fundamental role in providing reliable Welsh language news to audiences, and we are very pleased to work in partnership with S4C once again this year on this exciting scheme.

"Temi and Indigo will offer a new voice and perspective to the team, with the focus on attracting new, young audiences to our current affairs content by using a wide range of platforms through the medium of Welsh. Welcome to the team Temi and Indigo!"

Rhodri ap Dyfrig, S4C's Online Content Commissioner said: "Providing a platform for contemporary journalism and people's views about what is happening in the world around them is an important part of Hansh.

"Hansh is also a place to experiment with new communication techniques, and journalism is no exception.

"Our hope is that a new generation of journalists will become confident in using a range of techniques and platforms which are available to them, which are so essential in ensuring that our services are current and relevant.

"For the first time this year there will also be an opportunity to work on S4C's digital news service which will give Indigo and Eyitemi some very valuable experience.

"We are very much looking forward to working with them both."

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