S4C strikes up a conversation about climate change

28 October 2021

S4C will show a variety of programmes and items about the environment and climate change in early November to mark the United Nations' COP26 summit which will be held in Glasgow between the 1st and 12th of November.

It all starts with Newyddion broadcasting the news live from Glasgow on Monday 1 November.

Then, on the same evening a special edition of Ffermio will discuss the impact of the environment on agriculture.

On the following Monday 8 November a special edition of Pawb a'i Farn will come from M-SParc in Anglesey.

Y Byd ar Bedwar will also look at the effect of climate change on Wales' seaside towns on Wednesday 10 November, and Aled Sam and Mandy Watkins will take a look at green homes in a special edition of Dan Do.

There will also be items on S4C's Digital News App, and on Hansh. During the two weeks Heno and Prynhawn Da will feature a variety of items including a challenge for families to live without plastic for a week, a forests' campaign and items from Glasgow itself.

S4C's children's service Cyw will also mark the occasion with the song 'Ailgylchu' ('Recycling') as its Song of the Week.

"As a public service broadcaster it's crucial that S4C responds to and demonstrates leadership with regards to what is happening in the world," said Owen Evans, S4C Chief Executive.

"From the youngest children, to Hansh's audience to our older viewers, we're proud to offer a whole host of programmes and items to mark this important conference.

"There is no denying that climate change and the environment will impact us all and we're pleased to be able to provide a wide range of programmes looking at the significance of this pressing issue."

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