Invitation to Tender – Rygbi Pawb

S4C invites applications to tender to produce the series Rygbi Pawb

The closing date for applications is 23 June 2017

Please follow the links below for more information


Question 1

What is the minimum number of cameras for the following:

  1. 20 webcasts ?
  2. Varsity match?
  3. Wales under 18 match ?


  1. 3 cameras for the webcasts
  2. 3 cameras for the varsity match
  3. 6 cameras for the Wales under 18 match

Question 2

Do we need to include arrangements for a TMO as part of the broadcast of the Wales under 18 match?


Yes, you should include arrangements for a TMO.

Question 3

What is the likely tx for the highlights programmes?


The highlights are planned for tx at 2200 on Wednesdays

Question 4

Does S4C have a preference on whether the live feed is delivered as an encoded stream directly to its CDN endpoint, or would it prefer the feed delivered via traditional broadcast infrastructure, in which S4C will downlink and encode the feeds directly?


We can accept both systems. No major preference but probably cheaper for it to be streamed direct to the CDN.

Question 5

Should the programme budget include costs of erecting camera/commentary scaffold platforms when and where required. If so is there a reasonable guidenumber/guesstimate as to how may venues across a season's output may need such structural support?


It is a requirement of the licence issued by the WRU to the clubs and colleges, that all grounds have a suitable platform in place. The minimum requirement is: halfway line, 3x3m sq at a 6ft height.

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