Call out for new S4C thriller, suspense and crime drama ideas


We are interested in your ideas for new dramas in the detective, police, crime and thriller genres.

The idea should possess an ambitious and original storyline, contemporary style and should have broad appeal. The idea should be appropriate for a returning series of at least eight episodes.

Ideas should offer plenty of mystery with unexpected twists and turns throughout the series. The idea could follow a continuous storyline e.g. the story of one particular incident.

It is imperative that the ideas are different from that which currently appears on the channel in terms of setting, tone and story.

This should be a series which entices audiences back, episode after episode and which becomes a talking point, encouraging discussion about the outcome of the story. It should also have the ability to entertain and capture the viewer's attention. The idea requires a strong story with unexpected developments that keep the audience on the edge of their seats and wanting answers.

Ideas should be submitted by emailing drama@s4c.cymru by midday, 8th January 2016. Any questions in relation to the process should be sent to drama@s4c.cymru by midday 18th November 2015.

When submitting your ideas you should include the following information:

  • Pitch, no more than one page clearly outlining the concept
  • Supplemental document, no more than two/three pages noting:
  1. Main thrust of the story; and
  2. Summary of the journey of the main character/s. Where the idea involves a detective series, you will need to provide a description of the main characters, whether eg an individual detective or a pair. You will need to state clearly what makes the detective(s) unique in their work and lives; the qualities/circumstances that make them intriguing and appealing to the viewer.
  • Name/s of the author/s
  • Name/s of the production company and producer

After the closing date, S4C will consider all ideas submitted and will select a project or projects to develop further on terms to be agreed with the relevant producer. S4C will notify all those who have submitted an idea whether or not S4C has decided to develop their idea further by 19th February 2016.

By submitting your ideas you agree to the terms set out in the Legal Notes below.

Legal Notes

1. Original Ideas

The format must be wholly original and should not have been previously pitched to any broadcaster or be optioned, under development or in production for any other broadcaster.

If the idea is based on any other programme, book, drama or other material, such underlying material must be clearly specified in the pitch. Before submitting the idea to S4C, you must secure the written agreement of the owner(s) of all appropriate rights in all and any underlying material to the submission of your idea to S4C.

The drama must be capable of production in compliance with the Ofcom Broadcasting Code and should not violate or infringe any other person's rights including any rights of privacy, intellectual property rights or human rights.

2. Rights in the material submitted

You must ensure that you control all rights, title and interest in and to the submitted material necessary to grant S4C the standard package of rights in accordance with the S4C general licence terms available here http://www.s4c.cymru/media/media_assets/c_general_... .

By submitting an idea, you acknowledge that S4C is constantly developing and is in receipt of ideas from a variety of different sources. Consequently S4C shall not be liable to you for any use of material which is not original to you, is not new or novel or which has been independently submitted to S4C or previously developed by any employee of S4C or is in the future submitted to S4C by a third party and S4C shall not be obligated in any respect whatsoever to compensate you for any use of such material.

If S4C produces a television programme or programmes based upon the same general idea, theme or situation and/or having the same setting or background history as any material submitted by you, S4C shall have no obligation or liability to you of any kind by reason of the production or broadcast of such programme(s) except where S4C has substantially copied the expression and development of such idea, theme or situation, including the characters and story line thereof. Any part of the material that could freely be used by any member of the public may be used by S4C without liability to you.

3. The Process

S4C reserves the right to withdraw from and/or abandon and/or defer this process at any time, not to award any contract as a result of this process, to supplement, revise and/or clarify the terms and conditions of this document.

4. Development Terms

The terms upon which any idea is developed further will be agreed between S4C and the producer in accordance with the principles set out in the S4C Code of Practice.

5. Governing Law

This document shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and by submitting an idea, you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

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