HANSH: Open Call For Short Form Content

S4C's Content Commissioning Department welcomes SHORT FORM ideas aimed at audiences between the ages of 16-34 for HANSH.

The content will be created primarily for social media and publicised under the HANSH brand on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

We expect ideas to demonstrate boldness in style, topic and treatment in order to create an impression which will engage and enthuse online audiences.

We are open to a range of ideas but are particularly interested in the following:

  • Strong factual stories and video, visual stories with a big heart covering issues that are relevant to the target audience. The ideas will challenge the viewer's expectations and cover contemporary subjects in a direct and uncompromising style;
  • Content that works with unique personalities that are passionate in their field and that can bring a social media following with them;
  • Native digital formats e.g contemporary use of graphics/animation, live video, 360 videos, Instagram stories etc
  • Content that reflects the broad diversity of Wales in terms of disability, ethnic background and LGBT;
  • Content that introduces subjects such as the environment, science, history, language or literature in an exciting style that's fresh and native to social media;
  • Contemproary, hooked and shareable comedy.

We're open to more comedy but we're aiming to balance out the humour on Hansh with more factual content that can make you cry, shock, laugh or hit a nerve by saying something about the target audience of modern Wales..

You should clearly show:

  • Who are the target audience that are likely to respond to the content and share it?
  • Why is Hansh is the best platform for it, and why now?An outline of the content and visual treatment.
  • A draft of the shooting schedule and release date
  • If the content depends on an individual talent – a link to a taster video.

We require all ideas to be in a block of 5 x 1'-4'

The budget will vary according to the content, but we are looking to commission a strand of shorts for between £5,000 and £10,000 with a tariff of roughly £500 per minute. We may consider a higher tariff for more ambitious content.The content would need to be published on Hansh between January and March 2018.

Hansh content will be packaged weekly for television broadcast on Thursday night at 10:30pm, but the content should be focused primarily on attracting an online audience. The decision to include content on the Hansh programme will lie solely with S4C.

If you are an individual and would like to present an idea but are not currently affiliated with a production company, you will need to make an application through an established production company in this commissioning round. If you're not interested in doing this, or if it's not practical, you can also contact Antena or Boom Cymru, content providers for Hansh on an ongoing basis, who are also open to receive ideas.

If interested, please submit your ideas through the S4C Production Cloud by Friday 10 November 2017. You may submit more than one idea.To discuss ideas beforehand, please contact Rhodri ap Dyfrig, Online Content Commissioner rhodri.apdyfrig@s4c.cymru.

We will inform companies of our interest in taking ideas forward by Friday 24 November and look forward to receiving your applications.

We reserve the right not to commission any of the ideas submitted.

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