Tour de France and the Cycling Classics

S4C have secured the rights to broadcast programmes from the Tour de France and some races from the Cycling Classics.

Ideas are invited from production companies with experience of providing sport programmes for S4C. For more information please click here.

Closing date: 12:00, Friday 11 April 2014

Question 1:

What is the intention regarding the 3 Cycling Classic rases held in April 2014 and do these need to be included in the budget?

Answer 1:

The intention is to produce highlights programmes of each of these 3 races and to broadcast them during the next few months. It is likely that the highlights of these 3 races will be delivered by the organisers on tape and you will need to include in your budget the cost of producing highlights programmes (3 x 30m) for S4C.

Question 2:

What kind of audience are the programmes aimed at?

Answer 2:

A wide audience. You should not assume that they understand or follow cycling.

Question 3:

Will the highlights programmes only require a voice over?

Answer 3:


Question 4:

Will the voice over for the highlights of the next 3 races be done by the successful company?

Answer 4:

Yes. The 3 programmes will be transmitted at a later date.

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