UPDATE:- Call out for new music and contemporary culture content

10 May 2019

6 x 30' + 1 x 60' (Highlights edit at year end)

Budget: £150,000

Target Platforms: Television, Clic and Social Media

  • These programmes will take us on a journey into Welsh language contemporary music and culture
  • Each programme will focus on a festival or music event / geographical area / theme blending live music, performances, and content about the contemporary culture which flows around music creation
  • It will make full creative use of contemporary video techniques bringing an energetic visual style which is direct and diverse.
  • Each part of the programme should consider the ability to be packaged as short form content for social media, as the brand will extend across platforms and Clic
  • Live music recordings will form the heart of the content but focus will also turn towards other forms of art and popular culture which are intertwined with music scenes: art, words, design, fashion, film, photography, etc giving striking, witty and revealing segues between music performances.
  • It should feel like a visual journey into Wales' live, contemporary music culture.
  • These will not be magazine programmes led by a presenter but a way of diving into a vibrant scene and the characters which create them, never having to explain too much through voice over or exposition.
  • The subject should be treated with authority, respect to what it means culturally, uncynical in its approach, but keeping wit and energy at its heart.
  • It will be treated in a totally different way to how music programmes which have appeared on S4C in the past. We are looking for something which can set itself apart.
  • The content will come under a new brand which will replace Ochr 1 – we are open to receiving ideas for names for the brand, but this will be a decision for S4C as it will need to operate across all new music content, not just these programmes.
  • This will not be content aimed at younger audiences specifically, but content which is led mainly by young people, reflecting the people who are creating contemporary music and culture, but appealing to a cross-section of music and culture followers.
  • Please note: music coverage from Maes B and Gwobrau'r Selar will not be included in this brief.

We'll need to be able to publish the first content towards the end of the Summer 2019 (subject to contract)

How to present an idea?

If you're interested, please send your ideas via email (max 6mb attachment) to: cerddoriaeth@s4c.cymru

We look forward to receiving your ideas via a PDF or WORD document up to a total of 6 A4 pages by 1800 Thursday 6 June 2019. - Please note new closing date.

If you have any visual aids, please note the links in the document.

Any questions on the above should be sent to: cerddoriaeth@s4c.cymru before May 17, 2019.

We reserve the right not to commission any one of the proposals received.

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