We do not anticipate the risk to S4C as a broadcaster being higher than for the rest of the public, but we are encouraging our staff, colleagues and suppliers to read the advice available to them on appropriate websites and recognise that this situation will create challenges. - For this reason we are preparing plans and reviewing S4C business continuation plans to protect the service.

Delivery and production

We are monitoring the supply chain on a daily basis and in doing so would encourage suppliers to identify and assess their own risks around this current situation.

The challenges continue to be dynamic and dependent on several elements e.g. the time and place of production recordings. Such risks should be considered in all assessments including those of the workplace and assessed accordingly.

As some productions may be affected (especially where there is an audience present) it is likely that adjustments will be needed to the broadcast timetable – as a result of this we are kindly asking companies to deliver contents on time and whenever possible early in order to assist with planning and to secure contents for the service.


If travelling to meetings can be avoided by using Skype/conference calls - we do encourage you to consider these options. Remember that S4C can be contacted via Skype For Business or direct call numbers at S4C.

If you have any plans to travel abroad with productions – please contact Rhys Bevan at S4C (remembering that information and advice is available from the relevant authorities on their websites) in order for S4C to be aware of this.

It is important to abide by the precautionary guidance in order to make sure that everyone remains as safe as possible.


We suggest and advise everyone to re-assess their risks and review business continuity plans in order to facilitate any arrangements over the next challenging period and to contact us at S4C via mb@s4c.cymru should you have any concerns around commissions already in place.

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