Communication is important in the present circumstances so keep an eye on the S4C website as the situation changes. Staff at S4C work from home where possible and the commissioning team are all working from home.

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your dedication and innovation as we rise to the challenge ahead. I understand the difficulties and have given Amanda and her team the right to act quickly with you to decide on new tactics to deliver the service.

Priorities S4C for the coming months will be:

1.Keep everyone safe

2.Ensuring a service for our audience which will ensure that the latest information on the situation is available, offer ideas and support to the audience on how to cope and finally offer entertainment and diversion so that Covid-19 can be forgotten for a while (linearly and digitally across S4C Clic and the social platforms).

3.Ensure that programmes that can be produced happen and that you are paid swiftly and secure a new supply of programmes that can be produced under the current conditions.

4.To work with you to achieve the above and to ensure that the sector uses all possible funds to enable the sector to continue.

I refer you to the latest guidance from the UK government. It is a balance for us all in trying to assess and deal with the risk to our co-workers with the need to deliver programmes. My advice would be to use government guidance but of course the health of our co-workers will always be the priority.

There will be tough decisions in every corner of the country as we measure the risk of shooting and producing against the health and safety of our co-workers. Use this guidance.

I am sure that you will have seen the Prime Minister's announcement last night. My interpretation is that the government wants to go for a series of 'Lock Downs' in the coming months. The aim of the 'lock down ' here is to prevent the public from congregating and to seek to free up the public transport system to assist essential workers but also to try to isolate people from catching the virus by asking them to stay home. I am sure that this will be Stage 1.

The Government has proposed ' Key Worker Status ' for public service broadcasters and DCMS understand the need to include our key partners from the sector. This is a sign of the importance of our service to the public.

At the request of DCMS, we have drawn up a list of essential workers for the purpose of sending children to school or nursery and also to have the right to travel to work. Elin Morris and her team will contact the largest companies to discuss the lists of employees you take as essential to your operations.

If official letters are needed to confirm your need to move around and to take advantage of the local educational provision we can discuss this with DCMS. If Elin has not contacted you then please contact us on corona@s4c.cymru

Amanda and her team are already offering ideas to fill the gaps but also to support our priorities above. A great deal of work will be available and S4C has no intention of trying to save money in all of this. S4C's priority will be to spend our money on timely new content.

I also understand the challenges that you as companies and individuals face. Since I wrote to Ken Skates to ask for his support for the sector I have been working with TAC, Welsh Government and DCMS to see what is possible in the current crisis. I would urge you to use the measures announced recently by Rishi Sunak to try not to get rid of workers where possible as we discuss with the government what is possible for freelance workers. Here is a summary of what has been proposed by the Governments.

Thank you for your co-operation and remember to keep an eye on our website.



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