What is the HANSH brand?

HANSH is already established as an online brand for 16-34 year olds which skews towards a slightly younger audience as well. You can expect provocative content which will make you laugh, content which reflects the reality and the hopes of young people and content which celebrates stunning creativity and which creates mischievous trouble in a good way.

HANSH is a brand which is proud to provide an inclusive platform for the diverse identities of young people in Wales. It has also been a place to develop new talent that have become familiar names across the Welsh media, but now we want to see new faces that will become the faces of the HANSH of the future.

What kind of content do we want to create on HANSH?

HANSH has produced several very successful programmes beyond social; from a series of 15' single documentary films, a character comedy called Cymry Feiral, a comedy documentary named Pa Fath o Bobl… Patagonia and a current affairs and self-assessment series, GRID. We are now in a strong position to build on this, by extending the time the audience spends with us, and growing the visibility of the content.

The ideas need to be clearly separate from the current linear content on S4C, original in their formats, corresponding to younger expectations in the sense of tone and attitude. Casting will be ambitious as will the quality of production. Ideas should target the 16-34 audience quite clearly, and we ask you to consider a more detailed target audience within this age range.

Entertainment Series

We are looking for unique reality ideas and factual entertainment formats that set a challenge.

The entertainment series will be must-watch and full of the drama of young relationships and the humour inherent in strong characters and situations that force people to respond. But we want the ideas to be based on contemporary themes and questions, with a focus and a fully relevant attitude for young people.

  • Are there any social experiments that can show us something about the lives of young Welsh people?
  • What if... what situations can we create in order to create entertainment (and question society)?
  • What kind of intervention can create drama, laughter, discussion, enjoyment and questioning?
  • Are there any entertainment ideas that really challenge our perception of ourselves as Welsh people?
  • Is there an entertainment series that captures the culture, aspirations and lives of Wales' Gen Z?
  • What kind of entertainment series would you never expect to see on S4C?
  • How do we bring Wales' socio-economic diversity to the surface in our entertainment series on HANSH? How can social inclusion in our content be implemented visually?
  • We want to hear ideas and stories from creators from diverse socio-economic backgrounds as well
  • There are plenty of faces in North Gwynedd and Cardiff on HANSH - how do we get other communities in Wales discussing and enjoying the content? You will need to show this clearly in your ideas.

We are particularly keen to receive ideas that deal with dating and relationships, socialising after Covid, challenges that give people the opportunity to grow as individuals, use locations across Wales and which enable you to try to find your place and voice in an everchanging world.

If several good ideas come up trumps then we may offer development funding and choose from that development work to ensure that the ideas are as strong as they possible.

Documentary Series

We are looking for documentary series that will shed light on a particular cohort of young Welsh people who are trying to find their place in contemporary, complex, hard post-Covid Wales by loving, working, arguing, dreaming and fighting.

We don't want profiles of individuals but we hope to follow people closely as they face the challenges life throws at them, dealing with each other and creating a dramatic narrative.

We want ideas that have social diversity at their core and take us to corners of young Wales that are often not shown.

  • Girls as main characters are rare on HANSH - which group of girls wants to be at the centre of all Wales' conversations?
  • Disabled people form a big percentage of Wales' population, but few are represented on screen - are there people who could change our perceptions disability?
  • What about new speakers, second language speakers from non-Welsh speaking families - how can we promote their experiences?
  • Is there an area where you could be following a bunch of people in one area who are trying to find their place in the world? Is there a Mighty Redcar out there for HANSH?
  • Is there a theme that can glue a series together in various areas?

Money, work and wellbeing are going to be huge challenges as next year progresses. We want to show the battles of our young people, but celebrate their resilience and brightness in surviving as well.

We would also welcome ideas for documentary series' that seek to challenge the status quo with clever humour, and a clear writer, who cuts through politics and journalistic tendency. Someone who can mirror a young Wales, create mischievous trouble in a good way , but with enough cleverness in the comedy to understand who is the brunt of the joke whilst being able to push the boundaries (and justify that)? Who can challenge proponents from across the political spectrum?

What do we not want?

We are not looking for live ideas, drama, scripted comedy, current affairs, single documents, arts or music in this commissioning round.

That is not to say that there is no interest at all in the above in another form, but that this brief for long-form series is tight.

Platforms and Distribution

The main platform for this content will be S4C Clic and S4C Linear, an we are looking for opportunities to publish on other digital platforms and ensure a presence on BBC iPlayer in due course. We will publish series in box set form as content drops throughout the year (unless there is a series with good reason for release over time), in order to create consistent viewing and promotional peaks across the year. As these will be online first series we can be a little more flexible with timing, but we aim to have individual chapters of around 30 mins long with up to 6 in a series.They will be given a 9pm slot on S4C and therefore offer a great opportunity to challenge the findings of the slot.

Finance and Timetable

We recognise that the editorial challenge of longer content is more than a short form and we will therefore be able to offer between £15k-£25k per half hour. We are aiming for 3 series with the first to be published in early September 2021.

How to Propose Ideas

When you propose ideas, you should present:

  • Title, strapline, synopsis, outline/episode structure
  • Who is the content aimed at? Refer to trends and demographics where possible.
  • Outline content type and visual treatment (use visual references)
  • An outline the story's development. How do you want to sustain viewing over half an hour, and over a series?
  • What key talent is involved in the idea?
  • A brief description of the casting process and how you will ensure quality and diversity
  • Outline of social media opportunities and promotional plans
  • Draft shooting and publication schedule bearing in mind that any series will normally need to be communicated as a series in one block.
  • A simple outline of any specific production challenges e.g. rights, compliance, wellbeing, diversity, Covid-19 restrictions.

How to submit an idea

Please send your idea as a pitch document/PDF slide deck no more than 2 pages by 12pm on Thursday 22nd of April 2021.

Please send your proposals to tendr@s4c.cymru

You can submit more than one idea. We reserve the right not to commission any proposals received.

We very much look forward to receiving your proposals.

Schedule for submitting ideas

Publication: 30th of March 2021

Question and Answer Session: 2pm 8th of April 2021

Brainstorming deadline: 22nd of April 2021 (please feel free to put ideas in before now and discuss with us)

Development or commissioning decisions at end of April/Beginning of May 2021

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