NEW Callout for Content: Long Form Entertainment Series for Hansh

6x30 for VOD and 9:00/9:30pm linear slot

S4C are looking for ideas for long form entertainment and documentary series for HANSH.

As S4C and its audience changes, we want to ensure that our younger audiences have access to longer content on VOD and linear television.

Our vision is to create long form content that defines the HANSH brand in 2021/22 and which changes people's perception of S4C.

Entertainment Series

We are looking for ideas based on reality and entertainment that are unique to Wales. In particular dating and relationship formats, or a social experiment format that throws people together

We want the series to be appealing for anybody to want and come be on it, and that the mix of talent enriches the programme.

We need to take into consideration that the Hansh audience can at times feel AB, we want to change this perception with a focus on a broader popular audience targeting CDE. Think about the world, subject and the appeal to take part. We are not looking for ideas based in Universities or using celeb talent. We want real people that everyone can relate to.

These entertainment series will be a must watch and full of relationship drama and humour that comes from a strong cast, putting them in situations where they must react. We are keen for the ideas to be based on themes and questions that are relevant to the attitudes of young people.

What is the HANSH brand?

HANSH is already established as an online brand for 16-34 year olds which skews towards the slightly younger audience. You can expect provocative content which will make you laugh, content which reflects the reality and the hopes of young people and content which celebrates stunning creativity and which creates mischievous trouble in a good way.

What kind of content do we want to create on HANSH?

The ideas need to be clearly separate from the current linear content on S4C, original in their formats, corresponding to younger expectations in the sense of tone and attitude. Casting will be ambitious as will the quality of production. Ideas should target the 16-34 audience quite clearly, and we ask you to consider a more detailed target audience within this age range.

Platforms and Distribution

The main platform for this content will be S4C Clic and S4C Linear, and we are looking for opportunities to publish on other digital platforms and ensure a presence on BBC iPlayer in due course.

We will publish series in box set form as content drops throughout the year (unless there is a series with good reason for release over time), in order to create consistent viewing and promotional peaks across the year.

As these will be online first series we can be a little more flexible with timing, but we aim to have individual chapters of around 30 mins long with up to 6 in a series.

They will be given a 9pm slot on S4C and therefore offer a great opportunity to challenge the findings of the slot.

Finance and Timetable

We recognise that the editorial challenge of longer content is more than a short form and we will therefore be able to offer between £15k-£25k per half hour.

We are aiming for 3 series with the first to be published in early September 2021.

How to Propose Ideas

When you propose ideas, you should present:

Title, strapline, synopsis, outline/episode structure

Who is the content aimed at? How is the content more Hansh and not S4C? Refer to trends and demographics where possible.

Outline content type and visual treatment (use visual references) that include the series's format beats.

An outline the story's development. How do you want to sustain viewing over half an hour, and over a series?

What key talent is involved in the idea?

A brief description of the casting process and how you will ensure quality and diversity

Outline of social media opportunities and promotional plans

Draft shooting and publication schedule bearing in mind that any series will normally need to be communicated as a series in one block.

A simple outline of any specific production challenges e.g. rights, compliance, wellbeing, diversity, Covid-19 restrictions.

Please send your idea as a pitch document/PDF slide deck by 14:00 Thursday the 3rd of June. Ideas received after this time will not be accepted.

Please send your proposals to tendr@s4c.cymru and not to individuals within S4C

You can submit more than one idea but we suggest that you submit fewer ideas with more format development rather than a wide range of ideas. We reserve the right not to commission any proposals received.

We very much look forward to receiving your proposals.

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