Cegin S4C

As shared in the recent sector meeting, S4C plans to launch a new home to host S4C's recipes.

Cegin S4C will host new and past S4C recipes, package them into relevant categories and offer seasonal suggestions as well as ideas for special occasions where food is the focus.

Today, 17 December, a pilot service has gone live with the intention of collecting user feedback to inform further development.

Cegin S4C will offer Welsh recipes to everyone including an English option. To ensure consistency throughout the service, we ask companies producing food and cookery programmes or items to deliver bilingual information of the recipes to host on Cegin S4C. This can be done by completing a delivery form and emailing it to cegin@s4c.cymru.

With new commissions, we welcome discussions about additional recipes that are outside the production itself. Offering exclusive recipes on Cegin S4C will further support the series and enhance the viewer experience.

All recipes on Cegin S4C will include the following:

  • Image of the cooked item
  • Ingredients list
  • Method
  • Preparation time
  • Cooking Time
  • Dietary needs
  • Number of servings
  • Video Content in the form of a YouTube link.
  • Series name

If you would like a further information or have any questions regarding Cegin S4C, please contact cegin@s4c.cymru.

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