S4C Authority - Policies, Plans & Guidelines



Corporate Plan

Data Protection Policy


Pursuant to the new Equality Act, S4C is in the process of reviewing these documents. In the meantime, please send any queries to S4C's Legal Department.

Fair Trading

Media Literacy Plan

Political, Election and Refferendum Broadcasts

  • Delivery of Party Political, Party Election and Referendum Campaign Broadcasts to S4C
  • S4C Guidelines - The Referendum on Powers To The Welsh Assembly
  • S4C Guidelines to Political Parties or designated organisations for the production of Party Political, Party Election or Referendum Campaign Broadcasts [ PPB,PEB.RCBs] (published 2011)
  • S4C Party Election Broadcasts (PEB) Policy for broadcast of the General Election 2010
  • S4C Policy on Party Political Broadcasts (PPB), Party Election Broadcasts (PEB) and Referendum Broadcasts