An hour for everyone to enjoy Welsh history and culture


S4C has created a new opportunity in the schedule to enjoy programmes which place special focus on Welsh history, heritage and culture.

Every Monday night, between 10.00pm and 11.00pm, an hour has been set aside to show notable archive series. They will be shown again with on-screen English subtitles, allowing everyone to follow the content.

Dafydd Rhys, S4C Director of Content said, "Our intention is to respond to comments, made during discussions with leaders of Welsh learners' groups and others, which suggested that showing programmes about Welsh history and culture would benefit those who are interested in learning the language and viewers who have an interest in our culture. With on-screen English subtitles, the programmes can be enjoyed by everyone whatever their knowledge of the Welsh language."

The first two archive series to be shown on Monday, 9 June, are Mamwlad (10.00pm) and Darn Bach o Hanes (10.30pm).

Mamwlad is a series presented by Ffion Hague which looks at the stories of our nation's pioneering women. In this first programme, we hear about Megan Lloyd George, the first female MP to represent Wales. Ffion Hague will consider the highs and lows of Megan’s political career and personal life.

Locations, artefacts and people; these are the three cornerstones of the series Darn Bach o Hanes, through which we will look at fascinating and revealing stories, shedding further light on our country’s rich past. Presented by Dewi Prysor, Monday's programme focuses on a hawking whistle from the 17th century, and explores the history of a Georgian kitchen garden near Bridgend.

Monday 9 June

10.00pm Mamwlad

10.30pm Darn Bach o Hanes


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