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  • S4C and Media Cymru launch training programme and development fund to target global formats

    21 November 2023

    S4C are working in partnership with media innovation Consortium Media Cymru to offer a free, specialist training programme on creating, financing, packaging and selling global formats that will appeal to television viewers around the world.

  • Actress Sera Cracroft speaks publicly for the first time about childhood assault

    20 November 2023

    Pobol y Cwm actress Sera Cracroft has spoken publicly for the first time about being sexually assaulted as a child.

    In an interview with S4C's Sgwrs Dan y Lloer series, she describes being attacked at a friend's house during a birthday party.

    Sera Cracroft has played the role of Eileen in the S4C soap series Pobol y Cwm since 1989.
    She says that her main reason for speaking publicly is to try and help others who have suffered similar experiences.

    In the interview shown on S4C at 20:00 on Monday November 20th, Sera Cracroft says: "I remember that I felt I was being suffocated during the attack. I bit his hand and screamed for my mother. I remember a tremendous pain in my arm as well.

    "I looked at the person and I knew he was scared after I screamed. He was grabbing my arm, and it turned out that he had fractured my arm in the attack."

    Sera kept quiet about the assault for years, keeping it to herself.

    "I didn't speak to anyone about the sexual assault until I was nearly middle aged. I was getting terrible flashbacks, I was scared, I was a very nervous child".

    Years after the attack Sera began to have suicidal thoughts and she hit rock bottom.

    "I just couldn't deal with this. I was under a lot of pressure. My husband had been ill, I'd had pneumonia, my daughter was suffering with a condition that she has."

    Sera's bond with her family brought her back from the brink, "I started to think about my children, about the times we had when they were little.

    "I remember a nurse telling me, that there isn't one child I've spoken to who would think their life better without their mother."

    Sera started psychiatric treatment soon afterwards and opened up about her experiences with the team that was supporting her.

    "I've had a lot of counselling and that has been a help. I'm in contact with friends that discuss mental health with me."

    She now has a strong support network including former Wales and Everton goalkeeper Neville Southall, who is an advocate for mental health services.

    Sera says: "I'm now in a good place".

  • S4C Quiz champion Michaela wins a car for a year

    20 November 2023

    Michaela Carrington, from Crickhowell, Powys has won the use of a car for a year, the main prize of Cwis Bob Dydd, S4C's free, daily quiz in Welsh.

  • A feast of programmes to mark Disability History Month

    16 November 2023

    There are many battles that have not been won in terms of rights for people with disabilities in Wales, according to Mared Jarman, presenter of the series Y Frwydr: Stori Anabledd ar S4C (The Battle: Story of Disability).

  • Cân i Gymru 2024 opens for submissions

    10 November 2023

    The songwriting competition Cân i Gymru 2024 – one of the highlights of the Welsh musical calendar – is now open for entrants.

  • S4C's response to the King's speech

    7 November 2023

    An S4C spokesperson said:

    "S4C welcomes the proposals in the King's Speech to support the creative industries.

    "The introduction of the Media Bill during this parliamentary term will confirm S4C's position as a multi-platform Welsh-language content provider across the UK and beyond.

    "The new framework will ensure that indigenous languages, including Welsh, are part of the new public service remit for television in the UK.

    "The Bill will extend legislation for online TV viewing, and ensure that S4C Clic is available on connected TVs and prominent on TV sets in Wales.

    "This will allow us to further develop our services and place Welsh-language content on the main platforms across the UK."

  • S4C’s Cyw Christmas Show on tour around Wales

    19 October 2023

    S4C's Cyw Christmas Show will be on touring Wales this December.

  • S4C to show Wales’ matches at the Women’s WXV rugby tournament

    18 October 2023

    S4C will broadcast live all of Wales's matches at the WXV rugby tournament in New Zealand.

  • Eight BAFTA awards for S4C

    16 October 2023

    S4C won eight awards in the BAFTA ceremony held last night including two for the film Y Sŵn.

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