Tribute to Emyr Byron Hughes


S4C’s Chief Executive and Chair of the S4C Authority have both paid tribute to Emyr Byron Hughes, whose death has been announced.

He was S4C’s former Director of Corporate Policy and former Secretary of the S4C Authority and member of the original team who established S4C in 1982.

S4C Chair Huw Jones said:

“Emyr was a man of great ability. He could see possibilities and connections where others couldn’t, and his vision helped to guide S4C to success in new areas, such as advertising and digital innovation. He

could deal with senior executives and managers in London as an equal, and in his element doing so, but, at the same time, he was also devoted to Wales and the Welsh language, as he showed in his tireless work for the National Eisteddfod. His advice was always of huge value and S4C gained a great deal from his contribution.”

Ian Jones, S4C Chief Executive said:

“Emyr was pleasant, affable and extremely able. Personally, in S4C’s early days it was a pleasure for me to learn from him, and he made an invaluable contribution to the channel’s success during that period. Broadcasting is very often seen as an industry dominated by well-known faces, but Emyr wasn’t looking for recognition, he was happy for others to take the credit knowing that it was for the good of Welsh-language broadcasting. He will be sorely missed.”

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