Track down lost friends with old snaps


A new website will enable people to track down free-of-charge long lost friends by using their own treasured photos.

Launched at the Flintshire National Eisteddfod this week, (Where did everyone go?) will feature a wide range of old photographs. Searching via period, location and name, it will be possible to catch up with old friends and find out what they’ve been up to since the original was taken.

“If you look at any old photograph – whether it’s of a class trip, night out or sporting event - you immediately wonder what’s happened to the people in it,” says website producer Non Griffith of production company Cwmni Da.

“We know how websites like Friends Reunited and Facebook have captured the public’s imagination, but what’s unique about is that it’s all about photographs,’ she adds.

The team is appealing to members of the public to bring their old photographs to S4C’s pavilion on the Eisteddfod field. The team will demonstrate how the website works, and there will be an opportunity to scan hundreds of faces from old photos.

The website complements a new TV series which will be broadcast on S4C in 2008, also called Lle Aeth Pawb? Just as the website aims to re-ignite old memories and reunite old friends, the six-part series will explore the story behind each snap.

The website and television series have been created by Cwmni Da, which is based in Caernarfon, North Wales.


Notes to Editors

Visitors to the S4C pavilion can also have the opportunity to see how their faces will age with time. The team, with the aid of innovative computerised ageing software, can provide jpeg images to show how faces from as young as six will look at 72-years of age.

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