Robin McBryde to open Pobol y Cwm’s new-look rugby club


Former Scarlets and Wales hooker Robin McBryde is the latest star to grace Cwmderi in tonight's episode of Pobol Y Cwm (January 11).

The forwards coach for the Welsh rugby team will appear on screen as the much-anticipated mystery celebrity invited to the village for the grand opening of "Y Clwb" - the new home of Cwmderi Rugby Club.

Robin, originally from Menai Bridge, kicks off the celebrations by blowing the whistle to start the charity match between Cwmderi rugby team and a "The Rest of the World" 15 team. But Robin - who once held the title of Wales' strongest man - gets more than he bargained for, when a huge fight breaks out during post match hospitality and he is called on to break it up.

Robin already knew Gwyn Elfyn, who plays Denzil in the series, because both men are involved in Tumble Rugby Club. But the filming process was an eye-opener for the 37-times capped player.

"It was an insight into the world of soap opera," said Robin. "You don't appreciate the amount of work that goes into the filming, and how much time it takes to film even a short scene – it's extensive.

"It was a particularly cold day but fortunately I didn't have to wear rugby shorts like some of the cast did. Everybody was very friendly and made me feel very welcome."

"Robin was a perfect guest star for this role," said producer Eirlys Hatcher. "He has a high profile on the international rugby scene, he lives in Tumble - which is local to Cwmderi's geographical home in the heart of the Gwendraeth Valley - and he's also the kind of celebrity that our characters interact with well.

"He took the role seriously, performed well and was a dream to work with. Hopefully our audience will agree that the choice was an all round winner!"

Robin's star performance in the soap follows a number of high profile appearances over recent years. He follows the Pobol y Cwm footsteps of other rugby players - his friend, the late Ray Gravell and Silio Martens as well as Big Brother’s Imogen Thomas and Glyn Wise, among others.

Rob will also be seen on S4C in February as he's the captain of the north Wales choir competing in the new series of Codi Canu.

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