Action-packed week at S4C’s stand at the Cardiff National Eisteddfod


There will be plenty of activities to keep visitors to S4C’s stand occupied at this year’s Cardiff and District National Eisteddfod (2-9 August).

During the week a range of performances will be held for children of all ages, including a special show with characters from nursery series Pentre Bach, who head to the capital with a surprise in store for Jac y Jwc. Keep fit star Heini will lead children on a magical adventure and some familiar faces will be reading popular stories in the book corner.

Cyw presenters Gareth Delve and Rachael Solomon will be singing and dancing with a number of popular children’s TV characters during the week, including SuperTed, Fireman Sam and Bert the Bear from Holi Hana. Cyw will also be making an appearance.

On the last Saturday of the Eisteddfod, the colourful and energetic members of pop group Igi, Tigi, Bip a Bop will take to the stage at S4C’s stand to perform songs from their hit series.

S4C will also cater for older children with Alun and Anthony, who present cookery series Stwffio, causing mischief as they challenge some of S4C’s most popular faces to perform a series of culinary tasks.

Children’s presenters Meleri Williams, Geraint Hardy and Alex Jones will also invite visitors to take part in the new interactive game ‘Pry Bop’.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to charge a plasma television by cycling on the spot? That’s the challenge facing visitors to the Cwm Glo Cwm Gwyrdd exhibition at S4C’s stand. This is a new series that challenges four young people and their families to lead a ‘greener’ life. During the week there’s a chance to meet those taking part in the series, as well as cast members from S4C’s new drama 2 Dŷ a Ni, and the film, Ryan a Ronnie, which is being premiered during the Eisteddfod week and which will be broadcast on S4C in 2009.

Visitors to the S4C stand are also in with a chance of winning £250 worth of B&Q vouchers if they can correctly identify a range of different plants at the Byw yn yr Ardd gardening series display.

The fun continues outside the stand with a specially designed golf course to entertain children and adults. Younger children can also enjoy a magical tour around Cyw’s world by jumping on the Cyw bus, which will be located next to S4C’s stand throughout the week.

For more information, please contact the S4C Viewers’ Hotline on 0870 6004141.

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