Macmillan Cancer Support praise S4C programme for showing reality of life beyond cancer


Macmillan Cancer Support has praised an S4C programme for showing the reality of life for those living with or beyond cancer.

O’r Galon: Blwyddyn Meinir which goes out on S4C on 13 Thursday, follows Meinir Siencyn from Mold who was diagnosed with cancer in May 2014.

A previous documentary, O’r Galon: Stori Meinir, which followed Meinir from day one of her diagnosis was broadcast on the channel last December. Now, on O’r Galon: Blwyddyn Meinir we catch up with Meinir a year later to see hear what life is like for her and partner Ems beyond cancer.

The second programme, O'r Galon: Blwyddyn Meinir is more personal than the first programme. This time, Meinir is voicing the programme, and has also filmed most of the footage herself.

On O'r Galon; Stori Meinir which was broadcast on S4C in November last year, Meinir planned to compete in a cycling race, where she had to cycle down Mega Avalanche, a steep hill in the Alps in France. In O’r Galon: Blwyddyn Meinir we'll follow Meinir as she trains for the big race in France, and travels to the Alps to compete – but we'll have to wait to see if she succeeds in the challenge.

Meinir felt that filming the second part of her story was a different experience from the first. Cancer she feels, has left a huge mark on her. She still goes for test, and recently Ysbyty Gwynedd asked her to return for an additional scan, she constantly feels threatened by it.

"Cancer is massive, and it's life changing," says Meinir, who now lives in Llanberis, Gwynedd. "Cancer isn't something that goes away. Other people think that just because my hair has grown back, that I'm ok. It's hard, because if I have the cancer gene, there is a good chance that it will come back. I'm trying to keep positive about it. Things never stop. Everyone else thinks – that's it. But I'll have tests for years. It's never ending!"

Susan Morris, General Manager for Wales, Macmillan Cancer Support said:

“More than 120,000 people are living with or beyond cancer in Wales and by 2030 this number will double to 240,000.

“With more people living for longer after cancer the NHS needs to support them to live well. For many, finishing cancer treatment is just the beginning. Programmes like S4C’s O'r Galon: Stori Meinir will help raise awareness about the effect a cancer diagnosis can have on a person and those closest to them.

“Cancer services need to change to be better equipped to help cancer survivors now and in the future. We want people affected by cancer, people like Meinir, to be provided with personalised support at the end of their treatment, which meets their individual requirements and is tailored to their needs.

“Many people who are having, or have finished cancer treatment, need support to manage what can be complex physical, psychological and social needs and may not know who to go to in order to address them. We want to make sure no-one should be left to face the long-term consequences of cancer alone.”

If you have any worries or questions about cancer, whether it’s about yourself, a relative or friend, you can call the Macmillan Support Line free on 0808 808 00 00 or log on to

Watch O’r Galon: Blwyddyn Meinir on Thursday 13 November on S4C.

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