S4C announces new commitment to diversity


S4C has announced a new commitment to diversity, equal opportunities and fairness for its staff, viewers, partners, suppliers and the public generally.

Launching the initiative, S4C’s Chief Executive, Iona Jones, said that the channel’s commitment applied across the full scope of its business as an employer, as a commissioner of content and as the provider of services to audiences.

“S4C wishes to go further than discrimination law requirements and embrace diversity in a broader context,” said Iona Jones. “We want to demonstrate and value the range of people’s characteristics, experiences and communication styles, language and educational backgrounds, career and life experiences.”

Iona Jones said, “In publishing this commitment, S4C is adopting a pro-active role in the promotion and understanding of the importance of diversity amongst staff and programme suppliers. Our services will benefit from this commitment as they become more representative of the audiences we serve.

“S4C will be working closely with programme producers to promote a positive image of diversity on screen.”

Among the actions S4C will take as part of its commitment to diversity are:

• Publishing an annual action plan.

• Promoting equality of opportunity in all aspects of its activities.

• Working with producers to promote a positive image of diversity on screen.

• Ensuring its programmes better reflect the community and viewers that it serves.

• Working with partners in the production sector to ensure their own activities are consistent with S4C’s commitment.

• Consulting with viewers and users to ensure that S4C’s services reflect and adapt to their requirements.

• Ensuring its commitment to providing access and support services in relation to its programmes and content is maintained.

• Diversity training for all staff.

• Including specific responsibility for diversity in job descriptions.

• Creating an inclusive, respectful working environment.

• Annual review of the diversity pledge by S4C’s Board of Directors.

Any comments or questions relating to this commitment should be directed in the first instance to S4C on or to our Viewers’ Helpline on 0870 6004141.

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