The end of the road for S4C’s Porthmon


It’s been an intense and difficult week for Ifan Jones Evans, Erwyd Howells and the team who have embarked on the historic journey of retracing the footsteps of drover Dafydd Isaac – walking over 100 miles from Machynlleth to Brecon – for a series of nightly programmes on S4C.

Despite the mixed weather seen throughout the week, Ifan and Erwyd have now successfully completed the end of the road at the Castle Hotel in Brecon with the dogs – Nan and Cab – and their flock of sheep.

But it wasn’t only the weather that caused S4C’s very own drover some problems. By changing the flock of sheep at regular intervals during the journey, there was no certainty how wild they would be and how they would adjust to their surroundings – therefore causing a few headaches for the young farmers who joined him along the way.

Ifan’s feet would also cause him some discomfort – even as early as on the second day.

Ifan, a farmer’s son from Pontrhydygroes, explains, “I had to change my shoes on Tuesday afternoon and since then it’s been easier. I’ve got a few blisters on each foot but it has been a great experience. Some how, and through some epic miracle, I’ve managed to make it to Brecon – and put the 100 miles from Machynlleth behind me.”

The last leg of the journey proved difficult as Ifan and co had to walk across the Epynt – a long stretch between Abergwesyn and Brecon. But once again the level of support was fantastic.

“I’ve had amazing support from all the communities along the way so I’d like to thank you all for coming out and seeing me – you’ve all inspired me to keep going,” said Ifan.

Erwyd adds, “I’ve really enjoyed this week – it’s been very difficult at times but a real pleasure and a good laugh at other times. Who can complain when we’ve just walked through some of Wales’ picturesque views? The support has been great and I’d like to praise the group of young farmers who have helped us along the way – each and every one of them has put a hundred per cent effort into the task at hand.”

Follow Ifan’s journey on Y Porthmon tonight (Friday at 20:25) and tomorrow on S4C. To catch up with previous episodes of the series, visit


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