John Walter Jones – statement on behalf of S4C Authority


Following the Secretary of State’s announcement that John Walter Jones had retired from his post as Chairman of the S4C Authority, a spokesman on behalf of the Authority said that Rheon Tomos would be responsible for leading the Authority as vice chairman until a new Chairman is appointed.

Rheon Tomos said, “I’d like to thank John for his contribution over the years. The Authority and the Channel must look to the future. There are important discussions to be had and key decisions to be made over the next few days and weeks and members of the Authority are unanimous that S4C’s independence and a long-term income stream for the Channel have to be secured. We look forward to working with the DCMS, the BBC, the production sector in Wales, the Welsh Assembly and other partners in order to achieve these aims.”

John Walter Jones was appointed Chairman in April 2006. Before joining S4C he was a civil servant and in 1988 established the Welsh Language Board. Until his retirement in 2004 he was the Board’s Chief Executive.


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