Glyn Fiddich stars as C’Mon Midffild’s most memorable moment


Glenfiddich Whisky lands Wali, Mr Picton, George and Tecs in hot water with the law in C’Mon Midffild’s most memorable scene, as revealed on S4C.

The two part programme 40Uchaf C’Mon Midffild, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, counted down the 40 most memorable moments of the popular comedy series, as chosen by fans and cast members.

In the number one scene, after being caught enjoying a lock-in at the Bull, Arthur, George and Wali attempt to avoid punishment by giving false names and addresses inspired by the bar’s whisky bottles. After Arthur ‘Bell’ and George ‘John Walker’ succeed to fool the Policeman with their false names, their plan is rumbled as Wali declares his name as Glyn Fiddich!

“Are you sure?” asks the suspicious Policeman, and Wali answers “Of course! Ask Mr Picton.”

C’Mon Midffild fans were asked to share their favourite memories of the series. From looking at the response on the S4C website and Viewers Hotline, and on the Facebook page, there was no doubt that this was the most memorable scene of them all.

Watch 40 Uchaf C’Mon Midffild again online at and see if your favourite scenes are among the top 40.

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