More people than ever tune in to S4C programmes online


More people than ever are choosing to view S4C programmes through the on demand service Clic –

Since the start of 2011, the Clic website has received on average 19,631 visits per week. This compares with 13,176 during the same period last year, an increase of over 6,000 visits on average each week.

Meirion Davies, S4C’s Interim Director of Commissioning says, “Increasingly people are turning to alternative methods of viewing content. Most S4C programmes are available to view online on Clic for up to 35 days following the first TV broadcast. This gives viewers the flexibility to choose when and where to watch our programmes, and enables a wider audience to make the most of our services.”

Since 17 February 2011, it has been possible to search for S4C programmes on the BBC iPlayer service. You can search and select an S4C programme on iPlayer, which will then direct you to view it on Clic.

Early research suggests that the new venture with the BBC has succeeded in attracting even more viewers to Clic.

During the week before the launch of the new iPlayer service (10 to 16 February) 49% of visits came to the Clic website from outside the S4C site. None came from iPlayer.

In the week following the launch (17 to 23 February) 60% of the visits to Clic came from websites outside the S4C site, with 21% coming through iPlayer.

Meirion Davies added, “We welcome the results of the early research which suggests that the new initiative with iPlayer has attracted more viewers to the Clic website.

“It has succeeded in providing a new platform for our services and presents new opportunities as we look to further developments in the future.”


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