S4C invites ideas for setting up bases in other parts of Wales


As part of the study into the possibility of relocating parts of S4C, the broadcaster has invited responses from bodies or organisations who would be interested in working with S4C to seek new locations.

Any organisation, body or company may contribute ideas as to how they could work with S4C and others to provide a new home for parts of the Channel’s work in any part of Wales.

According to S4Cs’ Director of Communications, Marketing and Partnerships, Garffild Lloyd Lewis, the nature of the response will help S4C to make important decisions about the wish to move elements of the work to other parts of Wales.

Garffild said:

“This invitation is a very open one to any who feel that they have a good idea to offer. The first step in the process is to conduct a feasibility study into the possibility of decentralising parts of S4C’s work.

“It is already clear that many organisations, institutions, companies and local authorities are very interested in working with us as we consider relocation and we are open to any ideas.

“It is our wish in S4C to try and ensure that the economic benefits resulting from S4C’s work are felt across Wales, and the same applies to S4C’s impact and influence on the language and culture. We are currently doing a great deal of work out in our communities, and feel that we need to look at the possibility of moving some of S4C’s work to other parts of wales if it is practical to do so.”

Anyone with ideas to offer in terms of new locations for parts of S4C’s functions should visit the S4C website to obtain details of how to respond accordingly.


Relocating S4C to other parts of Wales - Full document

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