2012 Annual Report


Announcing the publication of S4C's Annual Report for 2012, the Chair of the Channel's Authority, Huw Jones has thanked everyone in the TV industry in Wales for their work and support during a challenging period.

The Chair of the S4C Authority, Huw Jones said:

"2012 was another year of change in the history of S4C, but this time it was about steadying the ship and preparing for the future. It was also a period of renewal, with S4C and the community of companies and people who create content for the Channel coming together to face the creative challenge.

"I'd like to thank everyone who is a part of S4C – the Chief Executive and his staff and the workforce within the independent sector and BBC Wales – for their committed and energetic cooperation to provide a valuable and memorable service."

Huw Jones' full comments, as part of the Annual Report for 2012, are available here.


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