S4C’s Chief Executive: Difficult times not over for the broadcasting industry in Wales


S4C's Chief Executive has paid tribute to the broadcasting industry in Wales for pulling together during hard times. Ian Jones made his comments during a speech at the Royal Welsh Show at Llanelwedd – but he also warned that the difficult times are not over by a long way for S4C and Wales' Creative Industries.

Last month, S4C was given a boost after the UK Government announced that it would not further cut the sum it contributes to the Channel's budget in 2015/16. Despite that, S4C's budget will still shrink over the coming years as a result of the financial settlement previously announced.

S4C's Chief Executive, Ian Jones said:

"The way the broadcasting industry has pulled together over recent years has been a powerful sign of the determination and vision that exists. It has been of great encouragement to me as the Chief Executive of Wales' National channel, that our partners in the production sector and in the wider Creative Industries have been so innovative, so flexible and so supportive during the period of financial cutbacks we’re going through.

"The Welsh language broadcasting community reaches further than the companies in the creative industries and S4C only. Today, it includes supporters from all parts of Welsh life. And this is an opportunity to thank everyone who was so supportive of S4C during our many efforts to emphasise the value of our work to Wales – our economy and our culture. Without those efforts, and without the wonderful support we had, it is very possible that S4C would have faced far deeper cuts over the coming years. The UK Government's decision not to further cut the sum it contributes to S4C's coffers last month is a relief and great encouragement to us all.

"The UK Government's commitment for the 2015/16 financial years is a boost – but let's not think that the hard times are over. S4C's budget will still reduce over the coming years as a result of previously announced cuts – and that means that there are big challenges to come.

"Whatever comes our way in the future, I am confident that we will be able to face it strongly together."


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