S4C announces new ways of watching the Channel’s content


S4C has announced a number of new initiatives that will increase the opportunities to watch the Channel in the digital age.

The Channel’s programmes will be available on hundreds of new digital platforms which will enable the public to watch in a variety of different ways.

The Channel’s content will be available for streaming on the following online and on-demand services:

• YouView

• TV Catchup

• YouTube

• BBC iPlayer

YouView is an on-demand service which is available through a TV set top box. The number of households receiving the service across the UK is approaching 400,000 since launching last year.

TV Catchup is a free online service that allows you to watch live television through the computer, on a smart phone and through other devices connected to the internet. It currently includes 50 channels.

YouTube is one of the world’s best known online services. S4C has formed a partnership with YouTube which offers opportunities to stream the Channel’s content live – and offer some short-form content on-demand before the end of the year.

The BBC iPlayer is the BBC’s on-demand service, which appears on the web and around 650 other platforms. At present, some S4C programmes are available on the service, but following an agreement with the BBC Trust, all of the Channel’s content will be available on the iPlayer from the end of 2014. Click here to read more about S4C content on BBC iPlayer

S4C’s Chief Executive, Ian Jones, said:

“These announcements show that S4C is serious about ensuring that the Channel is available in as many different forms as possible as we move into the digital age.

“Our television services are still paramount to us, of course, but an increasing number of people now use digital platforms to watch content – especially on-demand services.

“S4C currently runs its own online on-demand service, Clic, and our viewers increasingly use the service. But in order to raise awareness of S4C and our great programming, we need to make our programmes available on larger platforms – as well as emerging platforms.

“I said when taking over as Chief Executive of S4C that we want to strengthen our presence on new platforms significantly, and today's announcement shows that those changes are taking place. But as with technology itself, the development never stops, and S4C will be involved in finding new platforms and new opportunities to showcase our content.”


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