It’s Our Turn – Young people take over S4C!


S4C will be handing the channel over to the next generation of broadcasters later this month as part of ‘It’s Our Turn’ (Tro Ni) season.

Between Saturday 16 November and Sunday 24 November the young people of Wales will be taking over the Channel during and between the Channel’s programmes. From composing the music, introducing programmes, designing the clips between the shows and appearing at some unusual places - they will be responsible for the look and sound of the Channel and contributing to many of the programmes.

There will be several special programmes for young people on show during the ‘Tro Ni’ season including the short film, Dyma Fi. From playing in a band to cage fighting, and from living with arthritis to living in a hostel – this special film weaves together glimpses of numerous lives to create a colourful and powerful tapestry.

Also being broadcasted during the week are two short films produced by It’s My Shout's training scheme, both written by new writers Elgan Rhys and Ciron Gruffydd. Young people will also be appearing in some unfamiliar places on the Channel – such as in front of the camera presenting Ffermio! So it really will be the young people of Wales running the show.

Sioned Wyn Roberts, S4C's content commissioner said:

“A crew of 18 to 24 year olds are currently working on this season as a project. They've been responsible for coming up with a name, the logo – everything. The channel will look very different and I'm sure that it'll be a bit of a shock for the viewers at home! S4C is a channel for everyone so it’s great to be able to pass the reins over to a crew of young people so that they can showcase their skills and show us what they want to see on screen as well. I’m looking forward to see the completed work.”

The crew in question are currently Apprentices on the Higher Level Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media (Interactive Media Pathway) with Cyfle, the training company for the creative, digital and media industries, based at the S4C Media Centre in Cardiff.

Cyfle are delivering and managing the Apprenticeship on behalf of Creative Skillset Cymru (Creative Industries’ Sector Skills Council) and Cardiff and Vale College Apprenticeships (CAVCA).

This Level 4 Apprenticeship programme is part of a project which is supported by the Welsh Assembly Government’s Sector Priorities Fund Pilot (SPFP) programme that also receives additional support from the European Social Fund.

The nine apprentices will be working hard to prepare in the run-up for the season.

“We’re preparing the idents which will be shown between the programmes by using stop-frame animations and we’re also creating the music to go with them.” Explains Jamie Willetts who is 18-years-old and comes from Pontypridd. “Some of us are good at editing, some are good with photography and others are better with the musical side of things, so it’s a real group project.”

“We had complete freedom to think about the imagery and the music – they wanted something young, new and fresh,” says 19-year old Ben Palit from Cardiff. “We came up with a lot of different ideas, then a crew at S4C came up with a shortlist so we’re concentrating on those now, after they have chosen the idea they like best we’ll be going at it to get it ready.”

Do they see it as a fantastic opportunity to showcase what they have learnt so far?

“Yes certainly, we’ve had a fantastic opportunity!” says 20-year-old Ciaran Hiscox from Aberdare. “I’ve been talking about it to people back in Merthyr and their all a bit jealous so I feel really lucky.”

“It will be strange seeing it all on the TV,” said Hannah Deakon who is 19-years-old and comes from Dinas Powys. “I won’t believe it when I switch to the Channel and see our work. I’m sure when we watch it will be hard to believe that we are responsible for everything we see – the music, the animation, everything! I’m looking forward to seeing it.”

Get ready to see the work of the crew on the channel during It’s Our Turn (Tro Ni) – S4C’s young people week between 16 and 24 November.

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