Climbing documentary receives high acclaim at two international film festivals


An S4C film which follows a young mountaineer as he attempts to combine a climbing career and earning a living in Snowdonia has won two international awards.

Defaid a Dringo, a documentary produced by Cwmni Da, follows Ioan Doyle during a year of his life – including his efforts to pursue a climbing career alongside a battle to establish his own business with his girlfriend. The film won in the environment category in the Kendal film festival in northern England. It also won in the Graz festival in Austria in the Climbing on Rock and Ice category.

Llion Iwan, S4C's Factual Programming Commissioner, said:

"This documentary's biggest strength is that it works on several levels – it's a warm story which reports on a way of life and the tension which exists between following a dream and having to earn a living. It certainly works on that level, but these international awards show that it's effective on a more specialist level too, and appeals to an audience that's very knowledgeable about climbing and mountaineering. The film includes incredible views which will stay in the viewers' minds for a long time.

"I'd like to congratulate the production company who've created an incredible film that has since received the international acclaim it deserves. It must also be said that Ioan's distinct personality added so much to the film, and congratulations are in order to him on this achievement."

The honours come during a special week of programmes presented and produced by young people on S4C entitled Tro Ni (It's Our Turn). Ioan Doyle will be appearing on a special discussion programme called Ein Barn Ni on the Channel, Sunday night at 8.00pm.



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