How do I get started?

How do you fancy a bit of S4C news delivered directly to you when pages are updated on our website? And it gets even better - you don't have to opt into all of our news feeds. It's your choice entirely if you want to be made aware of new programmes added to our watch section or you might just want to keep up with s4c news. The feeds that are currently available on the S4C website are listed here.

So how does it work?

Using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) will allow you to view new S4C content. You can subscribe to any of our feeds and when new content is published, you'll be updated through a news reader without having to remember to visit each section of the site every day.

What's a news reader

A news reader will allow you to subscribe to S4C's feeds, display the feeds, will tell you where there is new content on the website as well as allowing you to follow a link back to the original content source.

Tell me how to get started

We do not have our own S4C news reader but they are easily found on the web. In your search engine, search for 'RSS reader' and follow the instructions to get started.

An easy way to find out if there is RSS content for any of the S4C website sections is to look for the orange RSS icon.

S4C's RSS feeds...feed me now

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