Advertising on S4C

How to Advertise

Sales Agency

Sky Media is the airtime sales team for S4C. They will help you make the most of you budget by advising on timings and schedules, identifying your target audience and suggesting which programmes and commercial breaks are likely to perform best.

Also offered is pre and post campaign evaluation to assess how effective your commercial has been.

Airtime Bookings

Bookings and approvals of campaigns should be made through Sky Media via Caria booking system or by email to the sales representative:

Contact numbers

  • Huw Potter 07778 285963 / Dylan Jones 07917 678029

Copy instruction should be emailed at trafficcopyrotations@sky.uk

Any queries in relation to copy should be directed to Huw Potter or Dylan Jones.

Television audiences are measured by BARB (Broadcast Audience Research Board). A sample of homes within the region is selected to be representative of the area as a whole and television viewing is measured by minute, by day, 365 days a year.

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